Who Is Still His?

Still His® is a faith-based organization with the SOUL goal of spreading love!

Through God's Grace and Mercy, Still His® was launched to offer goods and services to encourage everyone trudging through this journey we call life. The tees promote awareness of the strength, love and grace we can all experience during our darkest moments of grief. Our products help tell the world that although you may be facing a great hardship and heartache, you are still more amazing than you ever probably imagined. Our tees are sold in part to raise awareness of the issues those who are widowed face on a daily basis.

We all face obstacles; some are dealing with unimaginable grief, but others are facing hardship at home or on the job. That is why the company also offers apparel and various products using Still His® and Still Hers® so that ALL believers can show their love for both the Lord above as well as their beloved spouses (both those still walking this planet and, of course, those who have passed away).

Psalm 68:5 - "A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling."

A part of our mission is to provide love and support to those walking this walk. A portion of the proceeds will always go toward {L O V E} Boxes that our founder, Kimberly Holmes Wiggins, sends to wisters (widow sisters). Each box is unique. They are full of items Kimberly hopes will bring a smile to its recipient. Losing your spouse means losing your special person -- the one who thought of you often, made you feel beautiful, and surprised you with those little things that made you smile. If you would like to nominate a widow or widower to receive a love box, please let us know by using the "contact us" form on this site.

Whether it's a simple, faith-based message or one focused on the widowed life, Still His® sets out to promote visibility of widows and widowers and to bring attention to the unique issues each faces as she or he tries to live without a loved one. Still His® also sets out to increase public empathy and broaden awareness of widows and widowers.

Our founder, Kimberly Holmes Wiggins, knows the walk well; She's a widow herself.

That's why Still His® is all about speaking out for widows' rights. This walk is difficult, and one you can't fully grasp until you're forced to walk it. Kimberly regularly writes, reports on, and speak at events, conferences & churches -- hoping to inspire both the widowed and those blessed to have their spouses and partners with them on this planet.

Much love and prayers to all! 



If you have a prayer request, would like to learn more about Still His®, or would like to nominate a widow or widower to receive a {LOVE} box, please email Kimberly {at} StillHis {dot} com.